Low Price Painting

As we can easily guess from the topic, it is the cheapest painting. It is only used when you have a budget shortage, wants to give a different or new look to your house or any other part of the house for a short time, or are leaving a rented place and wants your security amount back. It is part-time painting, and we replace it with proper material and design after some time. Some people use It at the handover time. It means hiring a studio room or an apartment for one or a half months. You live there carefully; it means that there is no significant damage to paint in the whole place. Then this type of painting is used there to refurnish that specific place to look bright and vibrant so the rented person can get his entire security amount back from the landlord.

VAT Registration

VAT plays a significant role in low-price painting. It is because my business must register any business for VAT if it’s taxable things, or we can say that if he imports some supplies and the price of these supplies is more than AED 375,000 per year. But if these supplies are less than the mentioned amount, then the VAT becomes optional for such companies. Luckily, Pro Painters also offers services with Vat and without VAT. It means we don’t add this amount to our painting services. That’s why we offer low price painting for our valued customers as per their demand.

Low-Quality Paint

In this painting service, we have to choose low-quality paint. Because the high-quality paint price Is equal to the total cost on which a customer wants this service. That’s why we have to use cheap paint for this service, but our professional painters do the job excellently so that significantly fewer people can judge that the paint is less expensive.

In Dubai painting, this type of painting is used for specific places such as 

maid rooms, store rooms, labor camps, or any other domestic or commercial area that is not valuable. 

Contact us without hesitation because project size or condition is not necessary to use our valued client is the most important to us.

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