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It is a technique in which we use two components and prepare an adhesive material with a powerful bond. This material has unique properties for flooring.

Epoxy flooring coating

Why is epoxy flooring becoming popular gradually? Its main reasons are its durability and flexibility, water and fire resistance, Etc. As you know, floors in commercial areas like warehouses, workshops, and parking garages also face mechanical work and chemicals. In such a situation, the concrete floor may get damaged due to heavy mechanical work or water or chemical exposure. If it happens, it is much more expensive and time-consuming to repair or rebuild the floor because these places are much bigger, and much luggage is placed in such areas. So it is tough to remove all the things from there for flooring.
Another problem is the time required to retain its proper condition because it is time-consuming to repair it, and you have to wait until it becomes dry. In our experience, sometimes this process takes extra time due to the humidity and air conditioning system. The owner of a warehouse can’t remove all the luggage from his warehouse, and to keep these things safe, the air conditioning system much keep going.

Due to all these troubles, epoxy flooring is becoming popular daily because this technique has many unparallel benefits; some of them are discussed here.

Benefits of epoxy flooring in Dubai.


The significant benefit of epoxy coating Dubai is that it is such a technique that provides friction. As you know, friction is essential for walking or moving, so it is effortless to drive or walk on it when moving a heavy-loading vehicle on that floor.

Beautiful colors

When talking about a concrete floor, we can imagine only one specific color and a final look that is sometimes boring. But when we think about epoxy, we have multiple color options. We may apply any desired color scheme, including our business logo or other platforms.


The most fantastic thing about epoxy is that it is water-resistant. Now you must know that water can damage any construction project whether it is well maintained. The floors are often destroyed by water because water could be present on the floor, which is very common, but water could be absorbed in the floors by tiny holes that the naked eye cannot see. But if the floor is coated by epoxy, then water could not damage the floor because it is resin-type material, and water could not pass through it.

Fire resistant

Epoxy is also fire resistant material, which can also decrease fire spreading.

Stain resistant

Epoxy is also stain resisting material; this property is most important in commercial places as we know that in warehouses or workshops, the floors are exposed to many stains, which may be polar substances or non-polar. If these stains could be washable by water, it is easy to remove them, but if these are non-washable by water, then they could create a terrible impression because the floor of that commercial place looks very bad. Now, if the base is coated with epoxy, then you need not worry about all these troubles because epoxy is stain resistant property, and it is effortless to remove all types of stains from that floor.


Epoxy is much more durable than that concrete floor because it combines resin and hardener-type material. It is a long-lasting material due to multiple unique properties like water resistant, stain resistant and fire resistant, Etc.

Money saving 

If the floor of any place is damaged, it is not leveled correctly, or there are multiple cracks on that floor, or any other flaw is present in that floor, then instead of balancing it or trying to repair it. We should apply epoxy to it because it can easily cover all these drawbacks. The most important thing is that epoxy could be used meagerly compared to a concrete floor because we have to go through many steps while we are going to level that floor with concrete. That’s why epoxy is much cheaper than that concrete floor. But remember one thing that we have to prepare a base before we apply epoxy on a damaged floor.

Self-leveling flooring

It is a process that mostly resembles epoxy, but if the floor is damaged, it is challenging to cover it with simple epoxy. Then you have the option to install a concrete floor, or you can also apply self-leveling flooring. As water never needs any instrument to level it the same, the leveling material tends to approach the suitable place. You only have to give a final touch so that the extra material that could be on somewhere is pulled, and the floor becomes perfect for the last look. The main difference between simple epoxy and the leveling material is that this material covers all the pits on the floor and provides a solid and durable foundation, which offers resistance when the floor has to face heavy machinery or vehicles in the parking garage Etc.

Self-Leveling flooring

Expansion joint

Expansion joint

Concrete floor joints allow movements as solids expand in summer and contract in winter and vice versa. Some important points must be kept in mind which are helpful to prevent the damage caused by water. The most important thing is never to allow water to accumulate in joints because water could damage the whole floor. If your floor joints need repairing or due to the heavy load of trolleys at commercial places, your floor joints are cracked, and now they are harmful floor as well as the tires of trolleys. In such a situation, Propainters.ae my help you. We have expert, and dedicated workers who can fix these joints for you no matter where these joints may be our workers can repair all types of joints, such as:
Horizontal joints in sidewalks, swimming pool deck joints, pedestrian plazas, malls, joints in parking lots, Etc.

Floor crack repair

Floors may be damaged in homes and often at commercial places due to some heavy load or on retail sites, and sometimes it happens due to a sudden accident. The water absorption on the floor may damage the floor; your whole floor is cracked due to water. If it happens, then don’t worry and don’t panic. We will help you to fix your base in such a way that you don’t even judge the place from where your floor is repaired.

Floor crack repair

Polyurethane coating

Polyurethane coating

This type of flooring is mainly used at commercial sites because it has strong resistance properties. It is primarily used in those places where scratches and spoilage of chemicals are normal; it highly resists in such conditions. The most important thing about this coating is that this coating could be applicable on metal as well as on wooden surfaces also. This installation is much more tricky than a typical coating. That’s why you must hire a professional company for this coating. We can help you only have to press the call now button; our expert will visit you for only 1 hour.

Aliphatic coating

All the coating materials have specific properties, as the aliphatic coating has a strong resistance to heat and moisture; that’s why it is mainly used in outdoor coatings or places where atmospheric changes can damage the coatings. The aliphatic coating is a material that never gets damaged due to heat or water. Most coating materials change their color and look yellowing and chalking. But Aliphatic coating can handle the humidity and heat much better. The only thing you have to take care of is to apply it in the right way. We at propainters.ae offers aliphatic coating services with perfect artistry and 100% customer satisfaction.

Aliphatic coating

Road line marking

Pro Painters

We provide road line marking services all over Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi; no; matter whether the floor is concrete, interlock, asphalt, or any other kind of flooring, our experts can handle all types of flooring.


As the name suggests, this method efficiently prevents water leakage from different areas. It is more challenging a task than it seems. Only professionals can do it adequately so you can forget about the water leakage from that place. We at propainters.ae offers waterproofing in an expert way and at a reasonable price. We offer this service for the following:

Pro Painters
  • Metal roof waterproofing
  • Injection waterproofing
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Heat insulation
  • Bathroom waterproofing
  • Plant box waterproofing
  • Concrete tank waterproofing
  • Expansion joints waterproofing
  • Tile roof waterproofing
  • Elevator lift pit waterproofing
  • Roof drain waterproofing
  • Glass sealant joint
  • Peeling paint and dampness treatment
    • Concrete roof waterproofing
  • Crack repair waterproofing
  • Roof gutter waterproofing

3D Epoxy Flooring

In 3D flooring, you can design any of your favorite images on your floor. When the job is done, this floor looks like you see a live scene. This flooring most customers design any natural beauty like ocean scene flooring. Some sample works done by our company are given you can get a better idea from them.

Pro Painters

Micro topping flooring

Pro Painters

Micro topping is a coating type in which we use cement for resurfacing. We can apply this type of coating on floors and walls. It is effortless to install; that’s why it is very commonly used in multiple parts of the world, as every service needs a professional to perform it. Micro topping coating needs expert service; if a un experienced worker applies this coating, then cracks could appear after it because it is a skinny layer mainly used to cover small pits and make the surface completely smooth. You can also add some color pigments to give your exterior a vibrant look.
We have been doing this job for many years. If you need to perform this task, you only have to call or text; our professional team members will be at your doorstep within one hour.

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We have a precise dealing method. When we deal with our customers, we never charge any extra or hidden charges, which are very common in the market. Our company rule is to discuss everything on the spot and never charge a single penny from our customers afterward. We have an obvious payment method which is also discussed at the start of a project.

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Quality is prevalent, and people quickly say they fulfill the standards. But it is challenging to maintain the quality level in all parameters. But we at propainters always strive for our quality because we have recurring clients and have earned much reputation in the market after a long struggle, and that’s why we can’t take the risk of losing our reputation. After completion, we always tell our customers about our guarantee policy during the project handover. If the customer feels a little defect in the work or after some days, we claim that work free of cost.

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The most tricky part of any project or job is the period required for that specific project. Due to miscalculations or inexperienced workers, companies or contractors usually never complete the tasks at a fixed time. But we offer you on-time service we always complete the project in the specified time no matter for this purpose we have to work more hours, but we have to finish the job in the fixed time. Contact us if you have any related service; let us do it for you we will do our best.

Yes, you can, but we do not recommend it because when we apply epoxy over a damaged floor, the paint could show the look it would if the epoxy had the wrong base. So, before we install epoxy on a damaged foundation, we must first create a strong base and apply it.

No epoxy floor could not be damaged by water as epoxy has the property of water resistance.

They could tell the exact time after looking at the area that needed epoxy because the site is an essential factor in this aspect. But as an estimate, we at propainters could cover a whole warehouse in only one day.

The price depends on many factors such as area, coats of epoxy, number of experts, company which you select for this service, material, Etc. That’s why it is tough to tell the price for this service. You should consult about your project with any preferred company. We at Propainters.ae offer this service with 100% customer satisfaction; you can contact us when and as you want without any confusion. We provide free conversation, free quotations, and free visits also. Feel relaxed to contact us.
As we at propainters.ae offers this service in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, and epoxy prices are the same in all these places.

We could install epoxy in multiple places in domestic as well as commercial areas. In domestic locations, you can install it in the garage, kitchen, bathroom, and 3D epoxy in bedrooms also. Commercial places could install this in parking areas, warehouses, workshops, and all the sites because it is most beneficial in commercial spaces.

Its vibrant and bright colors may look slippery from a distance, but this is anti-skid, which means it is not greasy. But it may be misleading if oil is spoiled on it as oil reduces friction. That’s why it becomes slippery on an oily surface.

Epoxy is much more durable than that concrete flooring because it has many features not present in concrete flooring that make it stable.

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