Wallpaper fixing in Dubai

Wallpaper fixing is a method that is implemented so that we can look at our walls or rooms more beautifully and charmingly. This method is brilliant for decorating a wall or a room, but the selection depends upon customer likes and dislikes. Some people like wallpapers for some reason, and some like painting for its freshness and vibrant colors. Here we will give you a short review of this service and tells you the flaws which can notice can notice in painting.
First of all, as per our recommendation you have to choose only professionals and experienced workers for every service because they know well about their job compared to simple workers. These workers can do the same job at a low price, but the landlord has to face the results after some time. So to avoid such circumstances, a better practice is to hire professionals. But more importantly, if we are talking about wallpaper installation in Dubai, then it is mandatory that you rely on someone other than an inexperienced and new worker who doesn’t know the exact method to install Wallpaper on the wall. If you did so to save some money, you have to spend a lot of afterward because an unprofessional worker installed the Wallpaper, but he can not do this job as it would be. As a result, you may have to remove that Wallpaper or hire someone again to fix it, which is more complicated.

Why must bedroom wallpapers be most unique?

Bedrooms are the only places where our day starts or ends. We close our eyes after a long working day in the same room or open our eyes to start a new day with a new spirit in the same room. So that is the main reason the bedroom wallpapers are unique and vibrant. Just imagine if you don’t like the Wallpaper installed in your bedroom or you don’t like its color then how your day starts and how it ends. So be careful while you are going to choose your bedroom wallpaper. We may help you or suggest you if you want our suggestion.


First, we need to clean the wall; ultimately, this process is crucial because it is the prep work to install Wallpaper. If it is not done correctly, then we cannot install Wallpaper with perfection. In this process, we are going to use sugar soap so that we can clean dirt and sticky material from the wall. We must use gloves and goggles while doing this process. Now, as you know, the walls could be smoother. We have to make them smooth here; we are going to use a filler material which is used to level the wall. Let it dry now. We have to open the windows and doors and use sandpaper to remove that extra material and make it completely smooth.
During the sanding process, that material becomes a powdered form; that’s why we have to wear a mask that powder may cause difficulty in breathing.
After that, apply adhesive material on the Wallpaper with the help of a paint roller. Now start applying the Wallpaper on the wall; we need to disconnect the electricity because the adhesive material can go into electric sockets, which may cause electric shock. After that, we apply the Wallpaper on the wall carefully so that there is no bubble, air space, or any flaw left behind. We use Wallpaper smoother for this process. We also overlap the Wallpaper on the edges and corners, which is mandatory, and cut the extra pieces from corners and near electrical sockets to make it perfect.

Important tools:

Chalk line, Level, Paint roller, Straightedge, Tape measure, Taping knife, Utility knife.

Scissors, Sponge (natural), Wallpaper roller, Wallpaper smoother, Etc.

Benefits of installing wallpaper

There are some benefits that wallpapers have, and paint does not have some of them given below.

Peeling-off problem

Water is very harmful to paint, so water leakage from water pipes or moisture can cause the peeling-off problem. Due to humidity, the paint is peeling off, which looks very bad, and after some time, if this problem is not solved, then this paint begins to fall from the walls. It could be a drawback of paint, but if we have to install Wallpaper instead of paint, the circumstances could be different because the Wallpaper could cover such places.

Imperfections covering

Now, if your walls are not covered adequately with cement, then if you want to decorate the wall you want to paint this wall then before painting work, first you have to level this wall with cement, and for this purpose, you have to hire a mason means you may have spent more money.
But if you decide to install Wallpaper instead of painting, you don’t need to do the process. As mentioned earlier, you only hire professional wallpaper fixers like Propainters. They will do it without a mason.


It must damage the painted wall after a bit, depending on the circumstances that have to face that wall. If that specific wall has to face a bitter atmosphere or circumstances, then the wall’s paint is affected more rapidly. Now, if the Wallpaper is applied on the same wall, then things would be different because, as a whole, we can say that wallpapers are most durable than that paint. If we install the Wallpaper on a wall, that could last 15 years. But if we paint the same wall, we may have to change the paint at least 3 to 4 times in the same period.

More Options

In wallpapers, you can draw your desired look as you want. In 3D wallpapers, multiple designs differ; you may have your favorite wallpapers because, in wallpapers, you have a wide range of options compared to paint.

Smell after paint

If we paint a wall or a room, it is necessary to take care of ventilation because the paint is made by a mixture of different chemicals that release fumes that harm the eyes and breathing. That’s why painting companies also mention precautionary measurements on paint boxes. This effect remains for some time; after that, it will be fine But in wallpapers, we don’t have to face such conditions.

Easy to install

Installing Wallpaper is much simple and more accessible than that painting. Wallpapers are easy to install as compared to painting.

Wallpaper removal in Dubai

If you want to change the look of your room or a wall by changing the Wallpaper, or you may have an old or peeling-off Wallpaper that an inexperienced company or a fixer must install, and now you are tired of seeing it. You can easily remove that Wallpaper and install a new and fresh one which gives you a better experience. But remember one thing: eliminating Wallpaper is not easy as you think; it is also a skill. Do it yourself, or you repeat the same mistake by hiring an unprofessional. They can not remove it properly, and some patches or the adhesive material may remain sticky to the wall, which may also cause the new Wallpaper’s peel off. We are pleased to tell you that we also offer this service with complete customer satisfaction. Because we have well-trained professionals who have been doing the same job for a long time and are well-known for performing this task, we use the required tools to clean the wall as if no wallpaper had ever been applied.

Why Choose Propainters for Wallpaper Installation?

We have highly experienced, dedicated, and professional wallpaper fixers who have been doing the same job for a long time. It is a saying that practice makes a man perfect. So as more you do a job, you become an expert in that field. We have a firm grip over this service because we know it inch by inch. We use the professional method to install Wallpaper with the help of all necessary tools.
If you need to install Wallpaper, you only have to call our manager, or you can start a conversation from below. Our expert will visit you only in two hours over Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

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