about us

Painting Resources

All the services no matter where they are performed demand some necessary tools with which that specific service could be performed more efficiently. The absence of these special tools left drawbacks in the performed job. We feel proud to tell you that we have all the tools which are required for the painting process. As we only offer painting and its relevant services that’s why it is quite easy to maintain all these things. We have all the resources which are required to perform painting-related tasks.

Painting Experience

As discussed earlier that we offer only one service which is the main reason that our employees are most experienced and efficient in this field because they are doing the same job for a long time ago. During this time they gained a lot of experience and this is a unique thing which cannot be bought with money. It is gained after a long time.

Professional Painters

Most companies hire workers on daily basis to save some amount of money. Their only interest is to earn money because they get an order only once from a customer so they don’t pay attention to quality. But we at Propainters.ae have professionals which are our permanent employees which only perform painting and its related jobs. As they are not laborers which are ready to perform any task to earn their daily income. They are artists and they do painting jobs as no one can. 

Reputed Service Providers

Propainters.ae has multiple platforms from which they performed services for the last 14 years. During all this time we earned a lot of reputation and trust from our clients which is the reason we have mostly recurring clients. Whenever they need any service related to our specialty they call us and after a brief description, they hand over the project to us and relax. As they know there is no need to stay there for supervision our site supervisor understands the whole project and notes down all the instructions afterward he performs the job as he is instructed. Note the only thing which matters a lot for us is to maintain the quality level which is an important principle of our company.

Service Time

When the project is discussed then the approximate time which is required for that specific project is also discussed and it never happens that we cannot complete any task in a fixed time. Sometimes the work takes more time than we think but if this happens then we have multiple workers which are busy on other projects. We bring them to that site and complete that task in a fixed time. As we know that it can create disturbance for our client.

Payment Method

This is not fixed we have a very flexible payment method it varies according to the project. If the project is small then we charge half the amount when the deal is done because we have to arrange the tools and materials for that task and the remaining amount is charged at the end of the job. If the project is huge then we demand half the amount at the start and the remaining amount has received in two installments when half work is done then the half amount of the remaining amount is charged and the other amount is received at the end of the project.

Customer Satisfaction

We perform all the services with 100% customer satisfaction as our google reviews tell us about our service quality. 


We give the guarantee of our work when our site supervisor hand over the project to the customer and then he checks the site along with the customer so that he/she can also see that all the parameters of quality are fulfilled properly. When he/she is fully satisfied then we offer our customer that if he/she feels any drawback which is not noticed before only he has to call us we claim that work again and it is free of cost. He/she doesn’t have to pay a single penny.

If we are performing the move-out painting then the customer is worried about the security amount which he has to pay to the landlord. Propainters.ae give you a 100% guarantee of security amount the landlord cannot reduce a single penny due to the painting work.