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Commercial Painting is very different from domestic at the commercial site; we have to take care of many things, such as homes, villas, or apartments. The walls are not too high, but at commercial places, the walls are extra high; that’s why we have to use scaffolding, or sometimes we have to use a hook. When the walls are higher than that of scaffolding, then we have to use lifts. Moreover, the Painting process for a commercial building is quite different from ordinary Painting. 

Interior and Exterior Commercial Painting

First of all, we use a pressure washer to clean the walls as there is a vast area that we have to cover and we cannot clean the walls as we did in the houses so we with the help of a pressure washer we clean the walls from outside and inside. The outside walls take extra time in this process because the circumstance outdoors is much different.
Then we have to use drop cloths for safety purposes; as you know, before we start painting, we have to remove the luggage from the site, but at a commercial place, we can’t remove everything. Some things are too large, so we cover them with drop cloths to secure them from accidental damage. In short, they protect all things from paint because they absorb extra paint.

Now we use caulk to fill the gaps and holes; this is the best material to fill cracks, holes, and joints. Caulk provides a strong bond, and the wall looks very smooth after the paint. Most companies need to learn about this material and use it because its use differs from simple filling material. After the caulk dries, remove the extra fabric with the scrapers or sandpaper and apply at least two coats of industrial primer, which is essential if you want to change the color for the same color; it could be compromised.

When we apply the caulk, then don’t paint over it. Let the caulk dry thoroughly, then apply paint coats. If we paint the wall over the wet caulk, nothing will happen at the start, but after some time, we must crack the paint layer. Most companies ignore the use of such tools, So in the end, they risk the lives of their workers for money. Many such cases happened at warehouses and other commercial places. So always remember only hire a professional company for this service.

Licensed and Insured Company

Most of the companies pretend to be professional and very huge companies, but in fact, they are not. Most of them are not licensed or insured, so be careful; when you deal with any company, you must verify which company suits your work. propainters. ae is an insured and licensed company supported by many google reviews and customer support.

Free Services

We have some free services also which are being charged by other companies. First, if you visit our site and want a quote, we will provide you a quotation within one hour, which is free of cost. Secondly, if you like our quote and are satisfied and demand a visit so that you can deal with our company, then we will send you our expert, who will visit you within only two hours all over Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Thirdly, consultation with our expert is also free if you need clarification and help to decide on your work plan. We don’t charge a single penny for these services.

Quality material & Painters

Our primary focus is to maintain quality in every situation; we never compromise on painting material painters. We use high-quality paint like Jotun, Dulux, and Benjamin. You can change the paint according to the client’s budget or wish. Sometimes the client likes only a specific company’s paint, whether second or third in quality. So we have to adapt ourselves according to the client’s wish. But we provide the best professionals who have been doing the same job for a long time, and they know this work inch by inch. We also recommend high-quality paint material because low-quality paints could not show good results. High-quality materials are durable as compared to cheap paints.

Safety instruments

We use all the safety tools essential for a commercial site’s exterior and interior side because we think that caring about our worker’s life and health is our topmost duty. We use safety tools such as chemical and leather gloves, safety glasses and face shields, dust masks and respirators if required, shoe covers, hard hats while they have to work on scaffolding, Etc. All these things ensure that the worker does not have to face any disturbance.

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