Move Out / Move in Painting Services in Dubai

Dubai is a city where several visitors arrive for fun and business. As you know, Dubai has become the most famous business market worldwide due to its principles, facilities, and beauty. Because all the visitors can’t take their own houses or apartments, they hire apartments monthly or annually to live here. Here sometimes, the rented person doesn’t like the color already in that place, so they want to change that color with some color that is their favorite; this is usually called the move-in painting. We are happy to tell you that we at pro painters have been doing this job for a long time. So when they hire any apartment, they have to pay some extra amount except the rent for security purposes. So this amount is kept as a guarantee, and the landlord is bound to return it ultimately when the rented person hand over the apartment in the same condition as he takes. So they need to fix all the things which are damaged.

The main thing which must be damaged is the paint of that apartment, so to get its complete security back, they must take painting service from any company, contractor, or local painters. The rented person can’t return its absolute security from the landlord if it is not done. Here we may help you to do this job on your behalf in a reasonable amount. The best practice is never to deal with any cheap or nonapproved contractor because if you do that, you may face many problems, and you may have to lose all of your security amount and the tremendous price the contractor is charging. So be conscious while choosing the painting company for your house. Here I am glad to tell you about a company that fulfills all the requirements for a perfect painting company, ProPainters. It is a company with a unique working method and reasonable price among all its competitors. Here I am going to discuss a short process of our company dealing.

The procedure of Contacting:

Suppose someone visits our website and is satisfied by our performance in our completed projects in our gallery. If they want to contact us, they can call us on our local number, which can find on our site, or they can create a conversation via whats app. We will send our manager to visit the site and give him an oral estimate. If the deal is done, we can provide a written proposal or quotation on customer demand.
The most different thing about our company is that we are always here for your service. As you can see, the other competitors mentioned the opening and closing times correctly, but offers you full-time service if there is no issue from your end. It sometimes means the building security does not allow us to work and the maintenance company after 5 pm, so in such conditions, we must stop our work for the next day. If there is no issue of such type, then we have multiple workers who are available in the morning as well as in evening shifts also.


After approval, we have to manage the building passes and the required material. For this reason, our company rule is that we charge 25 to 50 percent as advance, and the remaining amount has other arrangements according to the project. The main reason you have to hire us is that we follow all the necessary steps for painting purposes, that is, the use of masking tape for the doors and window panes, and the polythene sheet is used to cover all the luggage.

Painting work started

After the essential preparation, the time is to start the painting process. This process is different for the same color or to change the color. If we have to change the color, we must apply 1 or 2 coats of primer according to the previous color condition. When the primer becomes dry, then we start painting the primary color. We use the roller as well as brushes for proper cutting purposes.


When the painting is done, we have to do an essential step of cleaning the whole site because we hand over the area as clean as it was before starting the painting project. Here the masking tape and polythene sheets help a lot because we only have to remove the masking tape and the polythene sheet and then brush the whole floor so that some minor garbage is removed.
We did the painting job so that nobody could judge that we did the painting at the same place when we had done our work.

Full Security Money Back Guarantee

Now the most extraordinary thing about our company which no other company can claim. We give you a guarantee of complete security back from the landlord. How can we say this? Because we well know that the landlords deduct the amount because the apartment or house is not in that condition as it was. It happens due to the cheap quality of material or untrained painters who are only laborers. In such a situation, customers have to face a considerable loss. So if you want to remain to save from such circumstances, you must hire a professional and expert painter, which we can provide on your demand. You only have to call from the given number or create a conversation from below and get a free estimate of the budget or a free visit from our technical person.

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