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Apartment painting in Dubai is very common because Dubai is such a country where the number of visitors is increasing daily. The visitors need painting when they move in or out of a rented place. Due to this, many companies are offering paint services in Dubai; only they have to create a website and rank it with google ads. That’s why finding a professional for services is much more challenging. First of all, we are happy to tell you that a professional and efficient company has a lot of google and customer reviews support. That company has a well-earned reputation and many recurring clients.

It is referred to by everyone who deals with them, whether it is only once. We feel so proud that propainters.ae is a company that has been doing the painting for at least ten years. The main reason for its perfection and accuracy is that it is the only company that offers only Painting services. Anyone must focus on a single skill, small or large, and become the best. You have to do that skill in such a way that no one can do it better than you. We have professional, dedicated, and vetted painters in Dubai who are the best at painting. Because they have been doing the same job for a long time and daily, they know the painting inch by inch as we do this every day. So we claim that we do the painting in such a way that no one can do it better. There is no need to mention all the names of places we offer painting services all over Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.
Here we summarize the apartment painting Dubai method of our company. From there, you can easily have a glance at our painting performance. If you need a visual look, you can also see our work gallery, where our completed projects and sample works are also mentioned. If you are interested in a live experience of painting work, we can also show you our active projects where our team members are doing their job. It is the final thing that helps judge a company’s work and whether it is doing the same as it described.

Prep work

When you deal with our expert and the terms & conditions are fixed, first of all, we have to do some essential work in the apartment, which is necessary for our company. Other companies may neglect it, but it matters a lot to us; we call it prep work before we start the painting process. In this phase, if the apartment is furnished, we remove all the things away from the walls as these things may create disturbance in the painting process or get damaged by paint or painting tools. Then we cover all these things with polythene or cloth only used for this process. Then we cover all the window panes, door frames, and electric appliances with masking tape, which covers all these things completely. It means these things remain safe and clean from the paint.

Preparation of walls

Now before painting the wall, we first have to prepare the wall for the painting. Before painting, we must create a base for the most suitable wall for smooth painting. Our professionals know that the wall would only look as it would be with a base. That’s why they have to fill all the holes and cracks. The wall may not be smooth in some areas on the wall, so we also have to level them with this process. Different materials are used to fill them, but we use caulk and gypsum powder for this purpose. It depends upon the size and location of the cracks.

Use of Sand Paper

Let the filling material dry, and then we use sandpaper to rub these filling areas so that if there is some extra material used for filling, then with the help of sandpaper, we remove all this from the wall. This process may take time if there are many holes, cracks, or fluctuations, then the sanding process may take time so that the wall becomes completely smooth. That’s why most companies skip the process of filling and sanding. Due to this, the final look of the wall could be more satisfying because these fluctuations take away the beauty of the wall, no matter whether they use the best quality paint. The painting process becomes much easier when the wall becomes completely smooth.

Primer coats

Now, if we have to change the color of the wall, then we have to use a primer before painting the wall. Here one coat can be accepted the wall can show vibrant colors, but we use at least two coats of primer to achieve an extreme level of quality. Remember that this is required if the color is being changed. We can skip this process if we have to apply the same color.

Painting coats

Finally, after the primer dries, we can apply the selected paint. Before painting the wall, our painters cover the floor near the wall with cardboard so that if paint drops fall on the floor, the floor may remain safe from the paint drops. Here most companies apply only one coat, but we recommend at least two coats of primer. Two coats of paint are more than enough; after applying two coats, let it dry.


Meanwhile, the paint was drying; our team removed masking tapes applied to the appliances, and they cleaned the whole apartment because they were instructed not to leave a single drop in the apartment.

Put the equipment in its place

Finally, they put all the equipment in its place when they finished their job; then, you can examine the whole apartment and enjoy the final look of the apartment changed from the previous one.
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