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Cost Of Painting Apartment In Dubai

The cost of painting an apartment in Dubai varies depending on the location and condition, but we still give you a very reasonable estimate. From this, you can easily guess the price which is required to complete your work and with the help of this information, you can easily deal with any company which lies in your budget.

Perfect Process Of Painting Services

Here we shall discuss the perfect and complete process for painting services which must be most helpful for you to monitor your work whether you are dealing with our company or any other.

i.Cleaning of walls

First of all, wipe out all the walls or any other area which is to be painted. And if there is a need for a sanding process, then before applying the paint, one must use the sandpaper so no bumps and pits remain after the completion of painting the wall. Here most company workers ignore this process; when painting the wall, everything is fine, but after a few times, bumps appear on the wall, which looks very bad. We always use this method because we never compromise on our quality; the customer review is our most important thing.

ii. Fill all the cracks if required

We are filling all the cracks and holes made for hanging anything to the wall. After the filling, the sending process is applied, which is also mandatory. Then, we have to use sandpaper so the extra filling material from the wall can be removed.

iii. Making wall completely smooth

After the above process, wipe out the wall entirely and make the wall fully smooth and plain.

iv. Apply one coat of primer if needed

If we have to paint the same color, then there is no need for this process. But if we have to change the color before we start the primary color to paint we have to apply one coat of primer, which decreases the brightness of the previous or old color. The primer is used to overwhelm or hide the old dark color.

v.Apply 2 coats of paint at least

Lastly, we use the selected paint we want to see on the walls, and we must apply at least two coats of that paint carefully and let it dry. Now your wall is professionally painted. Let us now we can talk about the main topic, which is the cost of such type of painting:

Cost Depending Factors

The cost of painting depends on many factors 1st one is the quality of the material used. If you want to use high-quality paints such as Jotun and Dulux, then the price is higher than the normal ones such as National, Etc. We use only high-quality paint and also recommend that you must choose good quality material because due, to save a small amount, we neglect the beauty of our apartment or villa.

  • Labor

Labor is also a significant influence in painting. If you get the painting done by a professional painter, the labor costs go up considerably, and if you give the same work to any laborer who is a jack of all trades but master of none, then he could do the same job in a small amount.  

  • Number of coats 

As the company also provides the material primarily, customers cannot arrange such things due to their busy life or lack of knowledge about paint. That’s why the company organizes all the essentials for our valued customers; two coats of color are more than enough. Still, sometimes the customers insist on applying more paint coats which also causes the price increase.

  • Process of work

The process of work is different for all companies. Some companies or contractors take some steps to save their time and money and no doubt they earn more profit for some time,, but in the latter end, they lose their confidence and the clients never contact them again because their work is not perfect as it would be. 

  • Price of Paint or Brand

The branded paints are more expensive than the normal ones; if you want to use brand paints, you have to pay a little more than the normal ones.

  • Transportation

Transportation also affects the price; suppose the location of your house, villa, or apartment is near the company office or the material painting shops. Then you have the benefit of this, and you have to pay a low price compared to the customer, far beyond the company office or paint shops.

  • Change of color

If you want to change the color of your wall, then as you know, the steps have to be applied to change the color, but if you want to color the same paint, which is often used move out, then there will be no need for primer and the painter will have to do one less coat.

  • Area 

The area is the most critical factor in pricing; if the walls are small, the ceiling is lower, then the place to be painted is also less, but if the walls are high or the top is higher than the normal one, then the price must be increased. Commonly, the area is directly proportional to cost; if the area increases,, the cost increases, and vice versa.

Here Pro Painters offers you the most reasonable and stunning prices all over Dubai.

  • The cost of painting a studio starts from 450AED to 550AED with the same color.
  • A single bedroom costs from 750 AED to 850 AED with the same color.

Now you can easily calculate the price of your villa according to its bedrooms.

No hidden charges

Like other companies, we don’t have any hidden charges which are demanded afterward.

Minimum price or Move out painting Cost

We offer you the cheapest and lowest price, which is only 300AED.
If you just moved out from an apartment or villa and want your complete security back from the owner, then we will offer you this price. Nobody can give you such an attractive price also remember that this price is only for the same color.

Time Required for Painting a House or Villa

Most companies and contractors paint a single bedroom in a whole day, but we have many vetted painters who are experts in their profession. We painted a 3-bedroom villa in one day; the working method is discussed above. If you want to ask something, you can start a conversation from below whether you wish to deal with our company or not; a chat is free of cost.

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